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The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has proudly supported the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Road Safety Education programs for more than 10 years.

The support of the program has assisted to position MAC as the leader in road safety, and the organisation which makes the most difference to road safety amongst 16-39 year old South Australian males.

MAC’s funding allows for the resourcing of SAPOL personnel, and other associated costs, to deliver nearly 900 education sessions throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia.

The funding allows for approximately 60,000 people to partake in road safety education in their respective schools, community groups/clubs and businesses.

SAPOL’s road safety program objectives are to:

  1. Increase the knowledge and skills of all road users in road safety;
  2. Influence attitudes and change behaviours;
  3. Reduce the number and severity of road crashes;
  4. Create awareness of the ‘Fatal Five’;
    • Speeding;
    • Drink and Drug Driving;
    • Distractions;
    • Seatbelt;
    • Dangerous Road Users;
  5. Reinforce positive attitudes towards road behaviour.

SAPOL acknowledges the main causes of crashes and highlights these within its road safety education presentations. These are stated as priorities for both SAPOL and MAC.

South Australian organisations, schools or community groups wanting road safety education presented can contact the SAPOL Road Safety Section on 08 8207 6585


Driving Low - Fatigue


Driving Low - Fatigue

MRASA annual Toy Run 2014

MRASA annual Toy Run 2014

The aim of the Toy Run is to raise awareness and celebrate motorcycling, with a strong focus on assisting under-privileged children during the festive season. During the event, MAC promotes safe motorcycling behaviour, particularly wearing the right clothing while riding.

Motorcyclists have a higher risk of death or serious injury than all other road users. In South Australia, motorcyclists on average account for just above 3% of all registered vehicles but around 15% of all fatalities (2009-2013).

“Motorcyclists are more vulnerable on our roads because they more exposed, so wearing the right gear can be the difference between a nasty fall and injuries that prevent you from riding again,” MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said.

“MAC urges motorcyclists to do everything they can to help ensure they can be more easily seen by others. This means wearing bright, reflective clothing including your helmet.

“When other road users around you are focused elsewhere on busy roads, you can take some positive steps towards boosting your visibility.”

The State Government recently announced the installation of motorcycle barriers beneath existing guard rails on 14 South Australian roads with the help of a $1.4 million investment from MAC’s Road Safety Infrastructure Fund. These barriers are designed to absorb the impact and reduce the nature of injuries in the event of a crash.

The Toy Run is on Sunday 14 December, departing from Victoria Park in Adelaide at 11am and proceeding to Callington Oval via Hutt St, Glen Osmond Road and the South Eastern Freeway. For more information, visit the MRASA website