Winter danger reminders

As South Australia enters winter, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has issued a set of winter road safety reminders.

General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said it was vital that all road users adapt their behaviour to shorter daylight hours and weather conditions which could make roads more dangerous.

“Winter is a period when there is potential for an increase in road crashes, so we need to use more caution,” Mr Cornish said.

“It can take longer to stop a vehicle on slippery winter roads, so it’s important to keep enough space between you and the vehicle in front in case you need to stop suddenly. It may also be difficult to see other road users, including vulnerable pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and gopher riders.”

MAC Winter Road Safety Reminders:

  1. Drive to the conditions and lower your speed when visibility is poor or roads are slippery
  2. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front – you may need to count more than 3 seconds in wintry conditions
  3. Turn on headlights when there is poor visibility, such as in wet or foggy conditions
  4. Drivers should carefully scan for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and gopher riders especially at crossings and intersections
  5. Check tyres treads, and vehicle lights and indicators to make sure all are working properly

“We would also encourage pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and gopher riders to boost their visibility by wearing bright, reflective clothing,” Mr Cornish said.

“Bicycles should be fitted with flashing lights, front and rear, turned on day and night. Gopher riders should consider using lights and attaching a flag.”

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