New motorcycle safety resources

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has released a new set of motorcycle rider safety tips in time for summer and the increase in the number of bikes on South Australian roads.

MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said there had been nine motorcyclist fatalities in South Australia this year so far.

The new MAC resources, developed in consultation with the Motorcycle Riders’ Association of SA, share important safety reminders to help reduce the number of motorcycle crashes including tips on getting motorcycles road-ready after winter. There are also ‘gear up’ tips for riders and protective tips for pillion passengers.

“Motorcyclists are more vulnerable on our roads because they more exposed, so wearing the right gear can be the difference between a nasty fall and injuries that prevent you from riding again,” Mr Cornish said.

“MAC is encouraging motorcyclists to do everything they can to help ensure they can be more easily seen by others. This means wearing bright, reflective clothing including your helmet.

“When other road users around you are focused elsewhere on busy roads, you can take some positive steps towards boosting your visibility.”

MAC is also airing its popular Mick Doohan safety campaign featuring the five-time 500cc World Champion sharing ‘No Place to Race’, ‘Gear Up’ and ‘Black Spots intersection’ messages.

Mick Doohan became MAC’s motorcycle ambassador in 2009 following research amongst motorcyclists that determined it was imperative to have messages coming from a credible, reliable source that understood motorcycling. Mick’s legendary status amongst motorcyclists made them sit up and take notice of MAC’s award-winning campaigns that have been commended worldwide and chalked up more than 2.5 million views on YouTube.

Director of Trauma Services and a senior consultant at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Dr Bill Griggs said wearing the right gear could prevent or reduce many of the most common rider injuries.

“We see many injuries from motorcycle accidents and they are significant injuries that can have long term consequences,” Dr Griggs said.

“There’s no question that protective clothing helps shield riders over and above the level of normal clothing.”

Motorcycle safety tips can be found on the MAC website here:

Mick Doohan safety messages can be found on the MAC YouTube channel here:

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No Place to Race


No Place to Race