Let’s achieve zero and drive to survive

South Australians are being urged to drive carefully and achieve a zero road toll this Easter break.
Police and Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said that SAPol will be participating in Operation Crossroads and will be out in force over the Easter long weekend.

“Whether you are celebrating Easter or not, this long weekend is a time for celebration, family and relaxation,” Mr Piccolo said.

“It is important to avoid distractions when driving, remain alert, patient and considerate of other road users who are also trying to get to their holiday destination safely. Never think it is okay to speed.”

“Last year was the first time in five years South Australia had zero fatalities over the Easter period but there were still nine serious injuries. We do not want to see any fatalities or serious injuries on our roads this long weekend.”

With increased traffic on the roads and people making longer journeys than usual, another important issue was breakdown safety.

Mr Piccolo said road users should ensure their luggage was safely secured and be aware of vehicles that had broken down.

“If you see a vehicle on the side of the road, be cautious, ensure there is an adequate gap and slow down if necessary,’ he said.

“If your vehicle breaks down, turn on your hazard lights, park the car as far left as possible and protect yourself and your passengers by waiting for help in a safe area away from traffic.”

According to the Motor Accident Commission there are some practical steps motorists can take to manage fatigue during Easter roadtrips. MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish urged motorists to plan their trips to include time for a 15 minute break every two hours.

“Consider sharing the driving task with others in your vehicle. If possible, don’t set out on your holiday road trip immediately after work, which can increase the chances of fatigue,” Mr Cornish said.

“Driving tired can be as dangerous as drink driving. They both have an affect on motorists’ ability to react and even a momentary loss of concentration can be catastrophic on high speed regional roads.”

Assistant Commissioner Linda Williams said forget the chocolates - the greatest gift will be achieving a back-to-back fatality free Easter.

“I am imploring drivers to think about how their behaviour can help reduce the needless pain and suffering caused by serious crashes,” Ms Williams said.

“One grieving family is one too many, especially during the holiday period.

“Every road user, whether they’re traveling by car, heavy vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot, deserves to get to their destination safely this Easter.”

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