Complacency is still a killer

Following a devastating October on South Australian roads, the Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has issued a timely and poignant reminder calling on road users to get back to basics.

MAC Acting General Manager, Road Safety, Matthew Hanton had a simple message for all road users; too many people are dying on South Australian roads in crashes that could have been avoided.

“The saddest part is complacency and poor driver behaviour has led to many of this month’s and this year’s fatalities,” he said.

“In the last month alone excessive speed, failure to wear a seatbelt, disobeying simple road rules and inattention have contributed to deaths on our roads.

“Road safety is about each of us taking responsibility for our behaviour – not sometimes, or most of the time, but every single time we get behind the wheel.

“Remember to keep your eyes on the road, always wear a seatbelt, stick to the speed limit and remember, don’t drink or drug drive.

“We’re heading into the festive season so it’s a timely and very poignant wake up call to drivers to either ‘remember’ or ‘be remembered’.

“We all know the fatal five cause crashes on our roads, however some drivers’ complacency sees them continue to flout the law and seriously injure themselves and others, or die as a result of poor decisions.”

MAC’s latest road safety message will air on metropolitan and regional television and radio and across digital mediums.