MAC and PainAdelaide


The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has partnered with PainAdelaide to share cycling safety messages and support its work in the pain science field.


PainAdelaide, based at the University of South Australia, is recognised as a centre of excellence in pain science. Chronic pain is a significant world health issue and PainAdelaide brings together pain researchers, clinicians and stakeholders. 


The MAC partnership includes support of the Ride for Pain, a public cycling challenge which aims to raise awareness of chronic pain.


MAC General Manager Road Safety Michael Cornish said the Ride for Pain provided an opportunity to share MAC’s Be Safe Be Seen cycling safety program.


“Be Safe Be Seen encourages safer riding practices by sharing techniques to improve road positioning, defensive riding and visibility,” Mr Cornish said.


“It also shares messages targeting drivers to encourage them to look carefully for riders and raise awareness of cyclist vulnerability.


“Motorists need to be vigilant and regularly check their mirrors for riders who could be travelling alongside their vehicle, and always scan for riders, particularly at intersections.


“We ask cyclists to wear light, bright and fluorescent clothing because what you wear will get you noticed.


“We also encourage cyclists to set their bike lights to flash in the day, as well as at night time. The flashing helps draw attention to your position on the road.”


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