Community Grants

Community Road Safety Projects

MAC, in partnership with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), is offering grants for groups and organisations to deliver small scale projects that promote safer, greener and more active travel choices. The projects will aim to engage with local communities to create a culture of road safety and to influence safer use of the road network for the overall well-being of the local community.

How can I apply?

For more information about the grants, what will be funded, or the application process, head to the Community Programs website.

2012 MAC Supported Grants

Organisation Brief Description Funding
Western Border Football League The football league will purchase teleconferencing equipment that they will use for their tribunal meetings, which will remove the need for club members to drive long distances late at night to attend hearings in person.  $1,000.00
Clare and Gilbert Valleys Road Safety Advisory Committee In conjunction with Country Health SA, this project will harness the creative energies of high school students in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys to develop a script on a road safety theme for a stage production to be performed to local audiences. $5,000.00
Centacare Murray Mallee Adelaide Hills Domestic Violence Service Centacare will purchase teleconferencing equipment to reduce the amount of long distance journeys that their staff make from their Berri base to other regional and metropolitan destinations.  To assist in reducing driver fatigue and exposure through reducing travel. $5,000.00
Adelaide Hills Community Road Safety Group Cycle training will be held for children and their parents, with subsequent follow up to gauge the project’s success in assisting local families in cycling safely. $5,240.00
Roxby Roadsafe Safe and Secure Child Restraints Education Program  - Will present information to parents and carers, physically checking vehicles for correct installations and training local residents to deliver future education programs re child safety restraints $4,500.00


Request a Safety Session


Request a Safety Session

The Motor Accident Commission (MAC) has proudly supported the South Australia Police (SAPOL) Road Safety Education programs for more than 10 years.

The support of the program has assisted to position MAC as the leader in road safety, and the organisation which makes the most difference to road safety amongst 16-39 year old South Australian males.

MAC’s funding allows for the resourcing of SAPOL personnel, and other associated costs, to deliver nearly 900 education sessions throughout metropolitan and regional South Australia.

The funding allows for approximately 60,000 people to partake in road safety education in their respective schools, community groups/clubs and businesses.

SAPOL’s road safety program objectives are to:

  1. Increase the knowledge and skills of all road users in road safety;
  2. Influence attitudes and change behaviours;
  3. Reduce the number and severity of road crashes;
  4. Create awareness of the ‘Fatal Five’;
    • Speeding;
    • Drink and Drug Driving;
    • Distractions;
    • Seatbelt;
    • Dangerous Road Users;
  5. Reinforce positive attitudes towards road behaviour.

SAPOL acknowledges the main causes of crashes and highlights these within its road safety education presentations. These are stated as priorities for both SAPOL and MAC.

South Australian organisations, schools or community groups wanting road safety education presented can contact the SAPOL Road Safety Section on 08 8207 6585

On The Road with Keith Conlon - Police Road Safety Centre

On The Road with Keith Conlon - Police Road Safety Centre